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Gregory Lynn Crawley - Online Memorial Website

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Gregory Crawley
Born in Indiana
56 years
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Jaclyn Baker, oldest daugher

I was standing in my Daddy's yard just staring at his wallet in my hand hours after he was found dead in his shop. "I think this is the first time I have touched this thing!" is what I was thinking. Daddy was a private person and his wallet belonged in his pocket. I started looking through it, staring a moment at his Driver's Liscense, his Oaklawn Card, ahhhh his fishing liscense. Daddy lived to be at the river. Fishing was his gift and his joy. I looked carefully at it, not really looking for anything in particular. Just looking, and thinking. Suddenly I noticed...Expiration Date: 9-27-07 "THAT IS TODAY! He died the same day his fishing liscense expired!" I could not believe my eyes, they were soon filled with tears that fell like April rain. It was so very overwhelming for me. Standing their with all of this to take in, and now this. WOW! I guess you just couldn't go on Daddy.

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